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HP 4550 Laserjet


To us, one word describes the HP 4550 color laser printer. Awesome!

Quite frankly, it requires the sophistication of this printer to fully utilize the power of our ColourMagic!Trademark cartridges. No other printer even comes close.

In the awards world a printer is not just a printer. It is a piece of production equipment. Production equipment needs to be effective, efficient and reliable. The HP 4550 delivers.

Why The HP 4550 Is A Great Sublimation Printer

  • The HP 4550 is superior in reproducing full color graphics. The graphics on cheaper printers are not even close and (surprisingly) the graphics on more expensive printers are no better. One reason is because the HP 4550 has a 600 dpi engine with what HP calls ImageREt 2400 (Image Resolution Enhancement). This proprietary technology gives the speed of a 600-dpi printer and the look of a 2400-dpi output.

  • The printer does not have to be dedicated to just sublimation. Switching between regular cartridges and our ColourMagic!Trademark sublimation cartridges is simple. The entire process takes about 5 minutes. There is no "residue" or mess to clean up when you switch cartridges. Once the cartridges are in, the printer is ready. This makes your printer even more valuable. You can not only print your own full color marketing materials but also certificate plaques. Many of our customers are making a tidy little profit from these abilities.

  • The printer has a "low cost of ownership". Here is what that means to you. While high-end color laser printers will print a tremendous amount of prints (350,000+ for the HP 4550), before they totally wear out, certain working parts (like the drum, transfer kit and fuser) have to be replaced along the way. The fusing assembly, for example, cost about $300 less to replace, than a comparable competitor. Also, you can replace the parts, in house. On many other highly touted printers, you can't do that.

  • Time is money and the HP 4550 has one of the fastest processors in its price category and faster than many, regardless of price. Who wants to sit around for 5 minutes waiting for a printer to start printing? Once it starts printing, (usually in less than a minute) it produces 4-5 pages a minute in color and 16 pages a minute in black and white on 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 laser paper. That's quick.

  • Another thing we like, is the Expanded Control Panel LCD message center on the front of the printer that is used in many different ways. For example, in the early days of testing, we were trying to change printer settings that involved a four-step process. After the first step we got confused and stopped. After about a minute, the printer decided "we wuz lost" and started blinking a message at us. Following the message instructions, we completed the task. Neat.

  • The printer also comes in a Macintosh version.

Kittys Regardless of some claims, only a printer like the 4550 and magnetic toners like in ColourMagic!trademark will deliver the needed opaque graphic transfers that truly profits an awards company. Why is that so? Because with few exceptions, award companies make their living by putting gold-tone and silver plates (or black brass that engraves gold) on the recognition and identification products that they sell.

Enhance the perceived value of those plates and you will make more money. It's that simple.

HP 4550 Laserjet

Our Thoughts
On Buying An
HP 4550

We have an excellent source for used 4550 printers. They run $499. While the printers are sold as is, they are guaranteed to be in good working order. We have bought many and never had any problems. Call us, for details.

More information- Some are concerned that the HP 4550 has been discontinued and that they are buying a refurbished printer. Don't be worried. HP laser printers are extraordinarily rugged. As an example, we are still supplying sublimation cartridges for 15-year old printers!

That completes the important information we know an awards dealer should know about the awesome HP 4550 printer. Bear with us, as we go learn about reproducing laser printer colors for transfers. It's part of the…

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